Sam Burdge

Consultant, CTO and Web Developer

Sam Burdge

I have over 20 years experience as a web developer, and around 15 years in a CTO / Head of Tech capacity. During this time, I have developed countless websites and applications while also leading a team of developers, managing the technical aspects of corporate acquisitions and working with start-ups to help them establish a strong technical basis.

Technical Consultancy

As a technical consultant I advise start-ups and established businesses on a multitude of topics around website & application development, management and growth.

I am used to advising and reporting at board level. I can help to set and manage your technology budget, identify and mitigate key technical / security risks, and define a technical roadmap that is designed to achieve your commercial goals.

I can help you to plan and build out your technical offering, give you technical edge over competitors, diversify your revenue streams and improve your workflows and overall efficiency.

My two main niche areas of expertise are online publishing and digital advertising technologies; however, I also have a diverse range of experience in all aspects of web technology including security, hosting and cloud services, GDPR and data privacy, SEO, e-commerce, media and video, AI, blockchain, etc.

CTO as a Service

A lot of companies don’t need a permanent tech team or CTO, they only really require these resources when they are first starting out, or when they are making major changes to their website, app, platform or core technology. For many companies it makes more sense for the technology team to be an elastic resource that can be scaled up when needed, and then pared back to basic maintenance and support at times when no major development is going on.

As a CTO I can recruit and manage your dev team in temporary or permanent roles. I provide technical direction to the developers and work closely with project managers to identify risks, define clear milestones and take ultimate responsibility for delivering projects bug free, on time and within budget.

Full-stack Developer

Although I now spend most of my time managing other developers and working in an advisory role, I still dedicate as much time as I can to coding. My passion is to keep up to date with the latest development trends and techniques and to constantly learn new things. Having up-to-date developer skills is essential to being a good CTO and providing consultation.

Many of my past projects are either based in WordPress (building plugins, themes, etc.) or written from scratch in PHP, JavaScript, angular, react, etc.

Due to time constraints, I am very selective about which projects I will develop for nowadays.